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For every season, holiday or event, GRANDEKO MEDIA imports and markets a wide range of decorations conceived for creating unique and personalized decoration projects for the indoor and outdoor spaces of: shopping centers and galleries, malls, hotels, office buildings, public and private spaces.

Full-service design agency, Grandeko provides:

  •  Consultancy in choosing the theme, fitting the decoration to the space, mixing the colors, shapes, lights, etc.

  •  Creating the graphic presentations of the decoration project, in order to enable choosing the best variant and to provide a relevant image of the final outcome

  •  Prompt, exact and complete offer

  •  Setting the decorations:

    •  Exterior design and decoration (facades, buildings, columns, lawns, gardens etc.)

    •  Interior design and decoration (domes, galleries, public and private spaces)

  •  Service during the period of exposal of the decorations*

  •  Taking off the decorations*

*at request